On Thursday 14 November activists from Sheffield Hallam, Sussex, Imperial, LSE, Cambridge, Aston, Reading  joined the Zoom call to share what we’re planning on our campuses to support the UCU strike, demands we are raising, what students’ unions are doing and how we can link up these campaigns into a national movement.

If you missed it you can read the full minutes here and have a look at the summary below of decisions made:

  • Hold weekly zoom calls so we can discuss and coordinate on a national level throughout the strike
  • Hold a national meeting to coordinate across campuses and decide democratically how we want to link up as a national movement
  • Reach out to students at every striking uni to set up a student-worker solidarity group, mobilise for big delegations to picket lines, organise a demo, occupy and blockade management buildings
  • Discuss coordinating actions across campuses
  • A potential national demo is being discussed
  • Publish reports, news, ideas and resources about the strike
  • Campaign for the university to not deduct staff pay during action short of a strike
  • Demands on working conditions, workloads and casualisation: we can link this with uni management’s constant expansion of student numbers without an expansion of accommodation, staff and other services. E.g. students left without adequate accommodation at start of term, huge seminar sizes, no space in the library…
  • Link strike demands to pay inequality on campus and VC salaries

If you want to join the working group you can do so here.