The Student Left Network is a membership organisation made up of students like you – left-wingers and activists on FE and HE campuses involved in struggles like rent strikes, student-worker solidarity, postgraduate working conditions, migrants’ rights and democratising our institutions. Joining means you can attend our conferences and propose and vote on our campaign decisions and political positions, take part in our online forums and take ownership of the campaign! Members support the Student Left Network’s activities and its left unity charter, they write for our bulletins and blog, and join with other activists to educate each other and skill share, organise actions and protests, and intervene in the National Union of Students.

Help us organise and join now!

Apply for membership by filling out the form below and following this link to pay £1 per year. Membership is open to all those who agree with the main aims of the left unity charter.

Follow this link to pay your £1 per year and complete your membership application.