Part 1: Left Unity Charter

We are calling on our universities and colleges to:

– Pay the Living Wage, stop using zero hours contracts, stop blacklisting workers, end outsourcing

– Implement a 5:1 pay ratio between the highest and lowest paid staff on campus

– Divest from fossil fuels, including divestment from banks which fund fossil fuel infrastructure and arms companies

– Uphold the right to organise, speak and protest, end collaboration with PREVENT and ‘hostile environment policies, don’t allow police on campus without SU permission

– Properly funded, staffed and resourced mental health services on all campuses

– Cap rent at £100/week in London, £70 outside

– Free childcare for all on campus

– End the exploitation of postgraduate research student workers, with all student workers receiving a living wage, a reasonable workload, proper inductions, training and support, fair and transparent teaching/demonstrating allocations and no undue pressure to teach.

Nationally we are fighting for:

– Free education and living grants for all and abolition of student debt, funded by taxing the rich and nationalising the banks

– Fully restored funding to rebuild Further Education. Bring it back into Local Authority control.

– A democratic, public education system: run by workers, students and the community; accessible; with a liberatory curriculum. All schools should be democratic community schools

– A living wage for all, a ban on zero hours contracts and repeal of anti-union laws, to help young, precarious and all workers organise

– Freedom of movement and migrants’ rights; equal rights for all migrants including free citizenship for all residents; shut down detention centres and end deportations

– A ban on fracking and a move to renewable energy to fight climate change

– A democratic reshaping of cities and industry to reduce pollution and combat the destruction of forests and ecosystems  

– An end to Trident nuclear weapons

– Stand up for sex workers’ rights, especially the right to organise

– A fight against transphobia and for radically expanded access to trans healthcare

– Reproductive justice: access to free, safe and legal abortion on demand and the right to control when and if we have children

Fight against racism on our campuses, both that which is carried out by the institutions of the uni, against students, and the ideology and theory of racism which is reproduced in academia, through decolonisation.

To make these things possible we fight for:

– A drive to unionise student workers and encourage those leaving education to become workplace activists

– A democratic student movement based on open debate and unity in action

– Democratic Student Unions: elected officers and sovereign, regular General Meetings should make decisions, not trustee boards

– A democratised NUS: a longer conference and bigger delegations, power to elected officers not unelected staff

– Building SUs and/or student campaign groups in FE and schools

– A coordinated campaign of rent strikes

– Student support for strikes.